How we work and why we're effective.

Behind every strategy is a philosophy

We know that our way of doing business is different than most consulting firms. That’s okay. Our clients appreciate our approach because it leads to results. When we finish an engagement, you’ll know by the changes you see in your organization, your systems and your bottom line, not by some three-ring binder on a shelf.

In fact, our main goal is to deliver so successfully that we work ourselves out of a job.

While every Tacet client need is unique and a custom solution is deployed for each, there are some best practices that are followed for the majority of engagements. We begin with a diagnostic evaluation of the expressed need compared with the state of the organization, the marketplace, the competition and other economic or geographic intelligence that may impact planning. If you’ve already done the research, great. If not, Tacet will conduct the research and provide you with meaningful insight and an assessment with recommendations.

After gathering strategic intelligence, we revisit the internal structure to refine and align. We then focus our attention on any functions or systems that require transformation to integrate design with delivery to achieve the desired results.

Once the brand promise is communicated and delivery takes place to the intended audience targets, it is managed, monitored, measured and retooled as necessary.

Continuously circling back on these steps ensures the organization remains relevant, isn’t tripped up by new circumstances, and can accurately time the next strategic priority.

Tacet focuses on three primary client functions; operations, sales and marketing. Of course we have the financial and technological acumen, but absent the health and effectiveness of the three primary functions, accounting and IT have nothing to support or enable.

We’re often asked what differentiates our approach from that of other business consulting firms. Here are a few examples:

A lot of companies throw around the term “organizational development.” What does that phrase mean to you?

Ensuring people, processes and tools are aligned with strategic vision and key initiatives. This means the culture, skill sets, and efficiencies are in place so an organization can scale to its full growth potential in the most profitable manner.

How does the structure of a company relate to profitability and growth planning?

Total alignment means that no activity or behavior is taking place that conflicts with the organization’s vision. Tacet first helps you set the strategic direction for the organization, then helps you build a business plan to bring it to life. The functional plans are collaboratively created to describe how the business plan will be realized, and the detailed action plans provide a roadmap of what to do today in order for the functional plan to be accomplished by year-end.

Why do you believe so strongly in transferring new skills and processes to an organization rather than just doing their work for them?

It’s the classic “teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime” philosophy. One indicator of success for Tacet comes a year after we’ve transitioned out of an engagement and our clients are owning and refining their processes and consistently deploying them to increase profitability and revenues.

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